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Discover Agnès’ Creative Journey: A Life Dedicated to Art and Discovery! 🎨


Hello art lovers!

My name is Agnès, a passionate artist born in sunny Bordeaux, France, and now at home in the vibrant Netherlands for many years. My life’s journey is infused with art, culture, and adventure, and I’m excited to share my story with you!

🎓 My journey took off with a flying start, obtaining my baccalaureate degree at the age of 17 and then venturing into the world of education at the prestigious Ecole Normale d’instituteurs in France. I soon decided to choose my own path and dive into the art world. My journey took me north, to the artistic heart of Groningen, where I passionately devoted myself to music, dance and visual arts at the ABK Minerva.

🌏 But my adventure didn’t stop there! An enchanting stay in Japan opened my eyes to the power of Butoh dance, forever changing my view of the world. Trips to Poland added a new dimension to my understanding of the West, while my work as a museum educator and guide refined my sensitivity to art. Creation and art are at the core of my career. After studying at Minerva and a Butoh workshop in Tokyo, I have devoted myself to art for more than forty years. 🎨 My love for my profession took me to several countries, including Belgium, Poland, and of course my beloved France. In 1995 I settled in lively Amsterdam, where I have been working since 2001 in a beautiful creative place that I helped design.

👩‍🏫 My journey also included an in-depth education, where I shared my passion as a teacher at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. I became a certified Guidor guide and currently balance my life between my own creations, giving inspiring tours of museums, relaxing walks through Amsterdam and the Netherlands, and lovingly embracing my three countries: France, the Netherlands and Poland.

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