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ella my last order:

“Ella” 2021-2022. H170 x W105 x D 2 cm, oil paint, gold leaf, lapis lazuli on canvas (linen fabrik)

Amsterdam, April 4th 2022

We are glad and proud to present you the large painting “Ella” which has just been completed!

It took more than one year to develop this project: it has been a long journey of creative teamwork for the sponsor and the artist. You can read here more about it:

The artist’s view: “From collages to drawings, from photographing to photoshopping, from model drawing to painting, from small size on paper and board to a large size on canvas, from coarse lines to fine lines, from black and white to colour, from red to green, from lapis lazuli to gold leaf, in that process of studying, searching, falling and bouncing back, doubting and decision making, we finally found a key.

The sponsor’s view: “With the red kimono decorated with symbols referring to becoming an adult and the celebration of the marriage, she knows there is more to her life than this. The beauty, the confidence, the strength, and the will to overcome the storm, made her make her decision. With a smile on her face and the power of the storm in her hair she says, she is the storm, and going, and will enjoy 

Of course there’s more to this story, the man who loves the sea, the long black hair, her infectious youthful beauty, but despite, no, because of all his experience and the storms he faced, he won’t walk away but live”

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