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Noli me tangere 1

 1.500,00 incl. VAT

Noli me tangere 1

Nr 1 of a series of 4 oil paintings (Noli me tangere nr 2-nr 3-nr 4)

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

Year: 2005 

Size: H 125  x W 90  x D 2 cm

Shipped in  a crate

You will get a special price (2 pieces: €2200,- 3 pieces :€ 3300,-, 4 pieces € 3300,-) if you buy 2 or more paintings of this series.

  • Shipping delivery company: DHL
  • Shipping duration:
    • The Netherlands: 5 to 10 days
    • Europe: 10 to 15 days
    • Outside of Europe: 10 to 25 days
    • Pickup: free by appointment

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Noli me tangere 1

Noli me tangere 1: Nr 1 of a series of 4 paintings Noli me tangere Nr 1-2-3-4

The title “Noli me tangere ” means “Touch me not” and refers to Christian iconography: these are the words of Christ to Mary-Magdalene when she recognized him after his resurrection.

This modern way of illustrating an old iconographic theme is associative, direct, and suggestive. “Noli me tangere 3” refers partially to iconography, the representation shows a macrocosm of the stems of roses covered with thorns.

The message is clear: “Gather thistles, expect prickles!” You may desire to pluck this rose, but watch out not to be pricked!

The support of each painting is made of linen and is hand-prepared. Several layers of gesso protect the support from different thin layers of high quality oil painting.

This large painting is a part of a series of 4 paintings and is 125cm high and 90cm wide. It’s very decorative, and will fit in every house with straight walls. The 4 paintings together are in fact the best option, hanging one painting in any corner of your house for instance, or hanging the 4 paintings together in a huger space. You will get a special price (2 pieces: €2200,- 3 pieces :€ 3300,-, 4 pieces € 3300,-) if you buy 2 or more paintings of this series.

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Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 92 × 3,5 × 127 cm


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